Senior Health Days January 26, 2011

When do you really become a “Senior” is the big question? I have seen people looking and/or acting very much like seniors at an extremely early age. Many young folks in school these days are aging rapidly as they sit in front of computers all day with no exercise and their memory becomes unreliable for lack of blood and oxygen. Fortunately for the seniors of this day and age, they are used to physical labor and they are aware of what it takes to build and keep some muscle tone. The baby boomers have grown up through the changes of our society and know the importance of proper maintenance.

At “All Ages” we have 3 aspects of our Being and they all need attention. Our spirit can flourish or dwindle depending on our faith and our joy that we choose to maintain. Our mind will depend on our associations such as those around us who have influence on us as well as where our interests lead us.
Our body, similar to our vehicle, will provide us with service according to our maintenance program.

You see becoming an “Older Person” should and could be a very pleasant experience, if we develop good habits as early as possible. But don’t worry, for those of us who have been lazy and irresponsible, there is still hope! For example, if you are concerned about your memory and wanting to keep driving and be independent forever, then you could start with These Games and monitor your improvement. If you want the best all natural supplement to keep your brain healthy, then you might want to look into a Brain Tonic.

Research is finally defining the cause of many illnesses; and they are finding many illnesses are directly related to emotional disturbances. If you have had a persistent physical condition that no one seems to be able to relieve, then you might want to unload some of those long standing worries and concerns with a Positive Support Coach and find out how much better you can feel by getting a load off your chest! Sometimes just getting a load off your mind by verbalizing what is troubling you with the right person can relieve headaches.

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