Importance of Healthy Digestion January 28, 2011

If foods are not digested thoroughly, the nutrients cannot get into the cells of your body for them to be nourished properly. Therefore, the tissue will not be repaired and our body continues to age and deteriorate. Our body needs a constant flow of good nutrients to grow and generate energy.

Many people are too busy to sit down and eat properly and there is a massive increase in colon cancer cases. It seems like it should be a simple process to sit down, chew, swallow and digest our food. However, if we don’t relax, chew enough or eat quality food, we can be doing more harm than good. If we have the right mixture of nutrients, the nerves signal the digestion to take place.

For this process to happen the beneficial way, we must make the right food and natural remedy choices (Triple Tonic Complex) for example something that is mild enough for children and pregnant women, yet strong enough for the most extreme condition. Also, it helps to exercise and take a herbal extract (Digest Assist) that will control the acid level to support the digestive system. Enzymes and good nutrition help to make a healthy digestion system and transform our food into energy for the body to use.

Indigestion can be described as gas, bloating or heartburn and yet those are really symptoms of digestive juices not performing the way they are supposed to and then your elimination will not perform properly either. What we call simple indigestion can lead to serious problems of bowel dysfunction and obesity. Then it continues on to heart problems or various types of cancer.

We must begin to think Organic and Natural because what the body recognizes as “natural” it will absorb. Whole organic food supplements contain nutrients, living enzymes and life force energy. We will begin to Feel Better when we take into our body the more natural food and good health products that our body deserves.

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