Arthritis Pain Management January 14, 2011

What is the impact of the pain in your life? How paralyzing is the pain and how does it keep you from living a better life? First it is important to know what type of condition or arthritis you have. Then you can make a plan to control it and more importantly to understand it. The pain is your body’s alarm system telling you that something is wrong.

Pain is a call to action. For example if you cut yourself, the nerves in that area will release a signal telling your brain that something is wrong. There are many types of pain just as there are many types of Arthritis and it may vary from day to day.
You will probably try many different types of Pain Relief (Joint ease plus) before you find the one that works properly and makes you feel better. These treatments can be various Natural Products or types of therapy that will help you to feel better and moderate or eliminate your pain.

Consistent pain like that which accompanies arthritis and fibromyalgia is sometimes more difficult to manage, because of the continuous nagging feelings and the thoughts that go with those feelings. This can keep you locked into a condition for a very long time that may not be necessary. Your thoughts and emotions can affect your energy level, your attitude and the way people around you react to your condition.

Your pain travels through a system of nerves in your brain and spinal cord. At various times your body tries to stop these signals by creating “chemicals” that help block pain signals. These chemicals, called endorphins, are morphine-like painkilling substances that decrease the pain sensation. The times this happens can greatly depend on your thoughts. When your concern is greater over something outside of yourself (such as a family emergency,) your awareness of your own pain can diminish. Learning to Focus (brain tonic for focus) and take control of our thoughts is a difficult task. Scientists have proven that we can control our pain to a great degree with our mind. You can actually use Brain Training Games to help you take control of your thoughts which will in turn help you to control the level of your pain.

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