Am I Depressed? October 10, 2018

Could it be Depression that I am feeling? I feel certain that it is, but how do I know for sure how serious it is and what should I do about it?

These are the questions that we ask ourselves. One way to determine how serious your feelings of depression are is to consider how long you have been feeling that way.

Have you lost your motivation to do ordinary things for a long period of time? Have you recently lost a relationship and have you been able to pamper yourself and be given adequate amount of time to heal? Relationships can be with People, Places or Things. So we must remember to allow a little time for normal grieving for losses like relocation moves, loss of jobs or loss of people in our life.

It could be more harmful than helpful to get medicated for these normal losses that most of us suffer from time to time. Many medications can have extreme side effects and make conditions seem far worse. The Feel Better Center offers many natural remedies for good health that can help to restore better feelings.

Severe Depression or Long Term Depression

We must be aware that depression can become an addiction like many other symptoms we suffer from.
If you are feeling hopeless for months at a time then this could be a more chronic depression that can call for a variety or remedies. The most important thing to realize is that it is curable and you do not have to continue to live like that. You will "Feel Better" when you continue to Pursue Feeling Better! There are now many Natural Remedies that will relieve your symptoms to get back on the right track.

Signs of a Depression Lifestyle are feelings of unworthiness that will usually be expressed in automatic verbal reactions such as: "I know it is My Fault", or "I'm so Stupid", "What's the use", "Things never work out for me" or "No matter what I do, I can't get ahead." We can get so used to automatically saying these things and not realize the life we are creating for ourselves. Depression in children can create a lifetime of misery if it is not identified and dealt with early in their life.

Get Some Help

Many times Grief will cause the start of depression and a person becomes isolated and helpless. A severe form of depression can lead to suicide from uncontrollable feelings. The statistics show that 90% of more than 34,000 people that commit suicide in the U.S. each year have a treatable disorder making the tragic suicides and family sufferings unnecessary. If you or someone you know is showing any signs of depression or addiction you can always get immediate help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
at 1-800-273-8255

Prevention and Quick Fix

If you read this before becoming "Depressed" then you have a perfect opportunity to Plan Ahead and have a quick recovery. Life is all about Emotions and none of us are immune to Depression at certain times in our life. It is like going on a Bad Vacation, but if we know we will get home eventually, then we are assured there can be an ending to our misery. The SECRET is to have a plan. Find out ahead of time what it is that can change your mood the quickest. Is it loud music, taking a walk, reading a book, indulging in a favorite food, a hot bath? The list can go on and on, but ONLY YOU know what can give you at least a temporary FIX to sooth your soul while you rethink things.

While in the midst of a temporary fix, you can give yourself some time to evaluate your situation for the NEXT STEP. It could be you want to find a Coach, a Minister, a Supplement. There is literally TONS OF HELP available now; especially with the availability of the internet. You can even be in a sick bed or incapacitated in any way and have a chat online to get help and support.

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